What Can We Do with Bad Tenants?

It’s a nightmare when bad tenant conquered our property! Installment is awaiting us but we are not collecting positive return as expected. To the best of my knowledge, we should not enforce our right to reclaim our property when our tenants in common have not paid for two to three consecutive months. YES, although tenancy agreement allows us to do so but landlord is prohibited from evicting tenant or recover possession without a court order. Now, what are the landlord rights?

How to Evict a Tenant?

(1) Issue eviction notice
(2) Claim double rental
(3) File eviction notice against tenant in court, which may cost you RM7,000-RM25,000 and a duration of 3-6 months for the eviction process depending on the situation.
Besides, if the tenant left the demised premises without informing landlord or not reachable after trying a few practical attempts, landlord might want to lodge a police report and break the lock with the presence of police officer and other independent witnesses. It’s not advisable to shut off utility supply without given any notice period as landlord can be sued for damages of electrical/electronics or any related events that happen on the tenant due to the arranged cut-off. I haven’t encountered any better “self-help” solutions in handling this issue besides those measures discussed here. Another effective and fastest way is to take the lost and compensate the tenant in order to “check-him-out” as soon as possible. This doesn’t make sense but it is the fastest way I have tried so far to check-out the tenant. There are ways to prevent bad tenant, you can get some ideas here.

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