How To Avoid Bad Tenants?

What can we do to prevent getting a bad tenant? This depends on the strategy of the landlord. For example, a nicely designed and decorated unit will target/suit higher profile’s tenant. This can’t guarantee a good tenant but we can reduce the risk in getting a bad one instead as the entry rental will be higher compared to a standard unit from the same building. Of course, the drawback is the amount of money you need to fork out in advance to design and renovate the unit.

What Can We Do To Avoid Bad Tenants?

(1) a photocopy of the tenant’s Identity Card
(2) a business card to validate, know more about his/her profession and employment status
(3) face-to-face meeting and effective communication
(4) a good tenancy agreement
(5) larger deposits for nicely renovated unit
(6) documented tenant’s emergency contact and second address
(7) Deposits cannot be used to offset any outstanding payments especially rental
Here are all the tips that I have practiced before. We all wish to rent our properties to good and responsible tenants, thus, we should never compromise on lesser deposits payment!

What if we have bumped into bad tenants? Here is what we can do to tackle them.

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